C.E.R.T: Critical Environment Response Team,

The New 3 in 1 Solution From C.E.R.T Protection

Your business demands the best security at a price you can afford. Introducing C.E.R.T’s new “Three in One Solution”.

Here’s how it works...

1. We monitor your premises by video and advanced analytics from our state of the art RTOC command center.

2. Upon occurrence, we verify then respond immediately with our roving patrols. A live video feed is also be provided instantly to police responders if needed. Recorded video is available for evidence purposes. No more false alarm charges or looking through hours of video in attempt to identify the suspect.

3. In addition you receive an intuitive command center in the palm of your hand. Allowing for monitoring of your business operations from anywhere in the world. Observe employees, work progress, shipments, deliveries, and on site employee health and safety issues. You’ll also receive instant security notifications directly to your mobile device 24/7.

Do you have an older camera system on your premises? No worries... With C.E.R.T's “Three in One Solution” we’re able to utilize your existing cameras without need of additional expense, to provide you with the best in service, at an affordable price. With no upfront cost, just a monthly subscription fee. Call us today for more information.

C.E.R.T Protection provides world leading mobile Surveillance Technologies for our customers. Our flagship product C3-MVS provides live and recorded video surveillance to mobile platforms using VSaaS (Verification surveillance as a service).

We bring best of breed solutions to our clients, providing them with tools to ensure maximum value and safety for their operational needs.

C3-MVS takes real time and recorded video from surveillance systems and delivers it to mobile iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Blackberry and Android devices. This allows users to command and control video images for safety and operational purposes.


Critical video, anytime, anywhere   

C3-MVS is an intuitive video command center in the palm of your hand   

With Frontline Security you’re able to leverage existing video assets for a level of situational awareness never before experienced.   

Consistency, security and optimized video delivery.   

Streaming video – live and recorded with very low latency.   

Aerial, UAV, In-Vehicle and rapid deployment capabilities.   

Cutting edge Mobile, Security, Surveillance and Green Energy powered technologies.   

Advanced Analytics (people counting, path tracking, license plate recognition, retail transaction overlay)   


  VSaaS (Verification surveillance as a service) Uses:

Manage traffic flow and positioning of assets.   

Control remote surveillance.   

Conduct mobile investigations, access recorded video.   

Manage critical incidents and send to first responders.   

Share Education and campus video for better management of critical situations.   

Decrease response time for loss prevention and liability incidents.   

Avoid shrinkage or loss of cash-flow and critical assets.