C.E.R.T: Critical Environment Response Team,

"We have been served professionally and courteously by C.E.R.T Protection Agency for the past eight years. Their work has been both reliable and effective throughout. The ownership and the Officers at C.E.R.T. recognize the unique needs of a school like Christian Brothers High School, and make every effort to help us provide a safe and welcoming environment. I look forward to solid trustworthy service into the future."

Steve Barsanti
Dean of Students
Christian Brothers High School

"C.E.R.T Protection has provided security for San Juan for the last few years. They have been professional, reliable and thorough. They have provided security coverage at moments notice and have customized their patrol force to meet specific needs. Also, C.E.R.T Chief of Security, Darrin Francis, communicates well and truly cares about what he does. I would highly recommend their services."

Robert G. Lewis
Supervisor of Scheduling
Maintenance & Operations
San Juan Unified School District

"I have worked with C.E.R.T Protection Agency since August 2007. In my 20 plus years of property management I have never worked with a security company that provides the high level of service that C.E.R.T provides. C.E.R.T staffs each property with trained/qualified people for the specific location and duty."

Laurinda Gallelli
Vice President
GRE Management Services, Inc.

"Thank you for the excellent work done by your team in helping us protect our multiple sites during construction during these past two calendar years. We successfully completed construction without the loss of any material, thanks to your staff's presence.

We greatly appreciate the dedication, cleanliness, and personal attention of your officers. They are top notch people.

My heartfelt thanks to all of your people who helped us achieve our security goals. We look forward to working with you again in the future."

Dennis Kallelis
Chief Security Officer
L-1 Identity Solutions

"As a property manager, I have been with C.E.R.T Protection for over nine years. I recommend them to anyone in need of protection. Their staff members are efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable with me and my tenants."

Jack Emerson
Independent Contractor