C.E.R.T: Critical Environment Response Team,

In 1996, our Chief, tired of inadequate security companies formed C.E.R.T. Critical Environment Response Team. He vowed to create a great company that would give the client better than the standard performance of the security industry. Since then C.E.R.T. has made great strides to raise the level of quality of Officers performance, and overall company service to the client. C.E.R.T. Protection Agency takes great pride in the quality of our experienced, well-trained officers, and our support staff is, quite simply, unmatched. When you are faced with a critical situation, you need to know you can count on the best response team, and we hold ourselves to that standard. At C.E.R.T., we truly believe excellence in service should not only be the goal, but the standard, in order to insure each client can live and work in the safest environment possible.

"You take care of your business. We'll take care of the rest."

Crime prevention has become a major issue in our society. A greater burden is being placed on public police forces to respond to crisis situations. As a result, the consumer is turning to the private security industry to help protect our neighborhoods and businesses. At C.E.R.T Protection Agency, we strive to deliver the best the private security industry has to offer. You can take care of your business. We'll take care of the rest.


"Our goal is the complete and total protection of our clients. We take our responsibility to you seriously, and are dedicated to providing you with the most dependable security you can find."